Important information on Brussels and Belgium

At every rental we offer the informational book: Expats in Brussels with extensive and useful information in English and French!

A lot of information about Belgium such as Education and Schools, Work, Housing, Social Security, Mobility (including vehicle registration) can be found on the Belgian Government’s Official Website.

More specific information about Visa and all information and addresses of International Organisations and embassies in Belgium can be found on the Belgian diplomatic site.

All official information about the city of Brussels is present in the city of Brussels: brucity

Brussels and Belgium have an extensive public transport network: all information is available on the STIB website.

If you want to travel to the South of Belgium, go to the TEC bus site and the same information for the North of Belgium can be found on the website of De Lijn.

You can travel to all cities by Belgian rail.

For international connections: Easy access to London with Eurostar.

You can travel to Amsterdam, Cologne, and Paris (1h15) with Thalys.

Brussels Airport: flights here take you further away, while several low-cost airlines depart from Brussels South, Charleroi.

In addition, a lot of information can be found in the Yellow Pages (Gouden Gids/Pages D’ or), which also refer to the white pages.

For those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Brussels, visit Noctis. com! There are numerous restaurants in Brussels and Belgium! You will also find your way with Michelin cards.

English speaking physicians and clinics can be found in Infobel.


We advise you to contact us at least 1 or 2 months before arrival.  1 day in advance is of course also possible if there is still an apartment available!

Yes, we will gladly show you the apartment after appointment, and some others that are free, in order for you to make the best choice. If you cannot move around, we will send you recent photos.

Yes, depending on the availability of the apartments.

In order to find the apartment that suits you best, we ask you to choose a studio or an apartment with 1,2 or 3 bedrooms, and also the budget (including costs) you want to spend. We will then send you a quote via email. If this offer meets your requirements, please confirm ASAP by email to rent the apartment. After forwarding proof of an employment contract for the requested rental period, a lease agreement will be drawn up.

Both the rental guarantee and the rental price can be paid by bank transfer. Payments with credit cards are possible via our website. Cash payments are not accepted.

You can pick up your keys during office hours in our office and after office hours by appointment or in the safe in the entrance of the building. We give you a special key code for this purpose.

The apartments are available as from 2 pm.

Drop off your keys at our office. After office hours, you can just leave them on the table in your apartment.

You must vacate the apartment at 11 am at the latest.

As long as you wish. The lease agreement is extended on simple request.

Yes, the tenant’s responsibility in the event of fire or water damage caused by him is fully covered. However, the tenant can also insure his personal belongings (such as clothing, PC, iPad, etc.) if he considers this necessary.

Sorry, smoking is not allowed in the apartments and in the common areas of the building.

Sorry, pets are not allowed in the apartments for hygienic and safety reasons.

Yes, of course. There is already a sofa bed, but if you have more visitors don’t hesitate to ask for an extra guest bed.

You can invite people to your apartment. Please note that between 10 pm and 8 am you are not allowed to make noise.

Yes, these are delivered during the cleaning service.

You need to ask the local municipality for an authorisation. More info on Brucity.

You need to take out the trash yourself (not the cleaning ladies!!) on the correct days and put it on the pavement outside of your house. The hour is also important: usually after 6 pm! If this is not respected, you may incur quite large fines! The right bags are sold in all local supermarkets. You will find the necessary information on selective waste on the website

There is free WIFI in every apartment.

Yes, there is a handyman available for every technical problem.